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based in Imperial, California. Pane & Panels Pro Cleaning LLC provides superior on-site washing services to Mobile Fleet and Heavy Equipment throughout Southern California and Yuma County, AZ. We offer various types of washing solutions, including 2-Sstep Washing using Polished Aluminum-Safe detergents to maintain the mirrored appearance on your fleet without dulling the finish.

About Pane & Panels Pro Cleaning

Based in Imperial County, California, Pane & Panels Pro Cleaning provides professional cleaning services to the Transportation and Construction industry and the agricultural sector. Our company was founded in 2018 by a U.S. Navy retired Veteran, providing Pressure Washing, Windows, and Solar Panel cleaning services. With strong attention to detail, we leave no stone unturned when cleaning equipment and meeting your scheduling needs. Our service includes but is not limited to medium and heavy-duty commercial vehicles, Construction Equipment, Ready-Mix Trucks, Agricultural Equipment, Logistics Fleets, Bulk Haulers, Tankers, School buses, etc. You can count on us to deliver exceptional services.


At Pane & Panels Pro Cleaning, we deliver mobile leet washing services to your site throughout Southern California and Yuma, Arizona. We service vehicles for individual Owner-Operators, Delivery Services, Food Distributors, Bulk and Material Haulers, Construction Equipment, Farm Equipment sales and operators, and more. We can schedule services on a weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly basis.


Pane & Panels Pro Cleaning provides washing services to Ready-Mix companies. We will be happy to help you maintain clean vehicles to facilitate maintenance and keep DOT and other authorities happy.

Heavy & Construction Equipment

We offer Mobile Fleet Washing using manual cleaning and the Two-Step method. Our washing products are safe on polished aluminum surfaces and heavy equipment, making them look almost new again. We can help you keep your vehicles, mobile billboards, and Brand clean.

Mobile On-Site Flee Washing in Imperial, CA

We offer on-site hot-pressure washing using One-Step Touchless, One-Step + Brushing, Two-Step Touchless Mobile Fleet Washing, or Hand Washing methods as needed. On Mobile fleet washing, we use Polished Aluminum-Safe detergents and a 2-step cleaning process to maintain the mirrored appearance on your fleet without dulling the finish. The products are safe on polished surfaces, construction, and heavy equipment, making it easier to perform Pretrip and DOT inspections or replace mechanical components. Whether you require regular cleaning or on-demand service to facilitate maintenance, we are your go-to for your fleet and equipment cleaning needs. Pane & Panels Pro Cleaning is your Mobile Heavy Equipment Washing service provider serving Imperial County, Southern California, and Yuma, AZ. We can help you keep your vehicles and Brand sparkling.


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